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HYPOTHYROIDISM CAN BE TREATED WELL WITH HOMOEOPATHY. The conventional approach to Hypothyroidism is to give synthetic Tyrosine and maintain it. But in Homoeopathy, the approach is quite different. As per the principles of Homoeopathy we believe the cause behind every chronic disease is either emotional, or may be spiritual, psychological, suppression, etc. In the light of above cause if we evaluate Hypothyroidism, we positively find specific cause during thorough interrogation with patient. There are 2 main varieties of Hypothyroidism, one is Autoimmune another is non autoimmune. A large group of patient fall in to Autoimmune group, which is labelled as Hashimoto's disease. In this group, because of previous emotional injury, or suppression of desire, or death of near and dear ones etc, it causes rise in an immune component, Anti TPO antibody, which deactivate Thyroid Peroxidase, which is an important enzyme during Thyroid Synthesis process, it is responsible for oxidation of Tyrosine. By deactivating Thyroid peroxidase, Anti TPO, inhibits Thyroid synthesis, and thus despite of a high concentration of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, we get low T3 and T4. Here in Homoeopathy, we focus on evaluating exact emotional cause and through our novel, specially prepared Homoeopathic Medicines along with some adjuvants like Zinc, Selenium, Inositol, Vitamins we treat the patient. Results are very surprising, during treatment, we witness reduction of Anti TPO antibody, and subsequent reduction in TSH levels, furthermore stepwise reduction in synthetic Throxine doses. We have a large number of satisfied patients with us at Shree Homoeo Clinic.